C-Wars Alpha 1.6 PC is OUT!

Hi, this is Loup, lead programmer of the C-Wars project.

Alpha 1.6 has been completed! No unknown bugs so far. Please feel free to download it!

*C-Wars runs with Java Runtime Environment(JRE). If you don't have it, please download and install.


1- Press KEY 123 to launch Hero's attack, there is NO cooldown, you need to be careful with the timing though.

2- Press WASD [4 directions] and QEZC [diagonals] to move.

3- Press Shift key for Medical Spray.

4- Press Space Key for Mine deployment.

5- Windows: Click Mega Cannon icon to deploy it in front of Hero [need 4 free blocks].MAC: Click Command Key to deploy the cannon

6- F123 to Summon soldier [need to click on the map to confirm the summoning].
6.1- You can move your summoned solider after selecting him/her.

7- Developer KEY:
7.1- 7.1- Click Villain's portrait [TOP RIGHT] to return to menu.
7.2- Click Hero's portrait [BOTTOM LEFT] to pause.